Beating the November gloom

What's up guys! I hope everyone had a safe Halloween weekend! I'm undoubtedly excited for this new month. We're only 5 days in and I've gotten all fired up and "Monica Geller" about cleaning and decluttering and all "Kalyn Nicholson" about planning (I'm crossing my fingers you got 1/2 of those references or if this is just awkward). Anyways, for the first time in quite awhile I feel great, like over the moon great, despite this being an odd-awkward-busy-period between Halloween and Christmas. Except if you're American, then you have Thanksgiving to look forward to, but for the rest of us, final paper season, shovelling driveways and darker days await us. As those dark and busy days are creeping in, I wanted to give my little two cents on dealing with the gloominess that comes with Novembers. In my opinion, I've never found November to be an exciting month nor a positive or productive month. This is super hypocritical following my post about positive thinking but honestly I never saw any good come out of ever (which might also play a huge hand in why my months are so crummy). But just like I believe that "you can only have a good day if you truly believe you're going to have a good day" I need to apply this to the entire month of November. I don't want to make this post about my personal vendetta against Novembers but feel free to apply this to places, times and people whom you feel unproductive around. Whoever, wherever and whatever you associate negativity with, start by letting go of that harboured belief and be curious of what could happen besides everything going terribly wrong. And when that step is out of the way, learn to have fun with the task. Find pockets of time to put your own twist on how your month goes.


While maneuvering my way through finals season and everything that comes with that, here is a list of things I would like to do or keep in mind in order

to be more in alignment with my thought patterns, hence, more in control of my month.

  1. Let go of negative thinking concerning what your going through, who you are and where you're going

  2. Take a long drive

  1. Have a fall photoshoot

  1. Watch Legally Blonde (The Musical) because it has never been so fitting for this time of the year

  2. Spend hours journaling, reading and just relaxing whenever you get the split second to do so

  1. Buy yourself something warm (a new sweater, blanket, a tea etc)

  2. Do something interesting for 30 days straight like a no social media challenge, for example

  3. Review and start working on your New Years Resolutions

  4. Press flowers

  5. Take a detox bath with lavender, bath salt, baking soda and rosemary or whatever you have on hand

  1. Choose matcha green tea over coffee

  2. Keep doing fall things for example I might of watched Casper Meets Wendy, Alvin and the Chipmunks Halloween and Hotel Transylvania 2 all in the past weekend

  3. Know that you're working as hard as you can; hey when life gives you pumpkins make pumpkin soup (I am very much aware that that was lame but I had to say it)

  4. Play soothing music all day via a speaker

  5. Believe everything is going to be okay

  6. Try to hold dancer pose, fall, laugh, then try again

  7. Declutter computer and work space

  8. Do three handstands a day

  9. Count your blessings

  1. Drink a whole mason jar of lime water in the morning

  1. Meditate for as long as you need to, not for as long as you have

  2. Take care of your skin

  3. Dress nice you'll be happier and more productive, trust me

  4. Be optimistic

  5. Take a walk in the rain

  1. Spend time with your bunny (or dog, cat, favourite human)

  1. Listen to content via podcasts, audiobooks and TedTalks and just keep your brain working

  2. Dance whenever the opportunity arises

  3. Fake smile until you can "real" smile

  4. Make sure to eat vegetables by cooking at home, I'm personally planning on making an autumn inspired potato stew if you needed any ideas

  1. Update physical/virtual vision board to current goals

  2. See an advisor or counsellor or call your mom

  3. Stay curious and fun

  4. Whatever you do don't cancel the time you give to yourself

  5. Learn to trust that everything is working for your good

As you can see not everything listed above is something I have to do physically but some require a little brain power to alter my way of thinking and perception. These steps better help me enjoy my day by setting intentions with my best interest in mind. So what is it that helps you become the happiest and most productive "you" you can be when you're stressed out, busy or living out your negative beliefs?? Take time to think about it and work around it, kind of like getting ahead of the storm before it happens. More then anything I wish you a great day, an amazing month, success in all your endeavours and a happy odd-awkward-busy-period-between-Halloween-and-Christmas!

To surviving with grace,