Fall Memories

This post is in honour of the month of October. This is my first monthly favourites post and turned out to be more like a trip down memory lane (or my camera roll) of everything I've done, ate and seen. It has been a decent month with it's highs and lows. But I'm grateful that I wasn't stuck in an unforgiving sea of lows or a perfect bubble known as the highs where you sometimes forget that lows exist. From Thanksgiving dinners, to weekend getaways and midterm season, I found things to be grateful for and things to look forward for. From major life lessons to finding the cutest beret in a boutique, I wouldn't have has this month any other way. Below is a list of things I've enjoyed about this month. Take it as a gratitude list, shopping haul or what have you.

  1. Fall decor and haul- In the beginning of the month I went out to Home Sense, Michaels and just the local craft/dollar store to get a few fall decor items for my room and came up with what is now a fall paradise

  2. New mugs- During that haul, I also bought quite a few mugs, my favourite being the black astrological mug (from Home Sense)

  1. Hanging ferns- These faux hanging plants are all the fall plant vibes minus the hassle of taking them down to water

  2. Blonde coffee- Didn't branch out from my usual coffee order, and like previously mentioned I'm not the biggest Pumpkin Spice Latte fan #sorrynotsorry

  1. Oatmeal- Does not even need an explanation but if you have to know; it's the warm, filling and super quick to make! I take oatmeal to go if I have an early morning class by putting the oats in a mason jar and when I have time i'll add water and throw in the microwave for two minutes and voila!

Chai Tea- with hints of cinnamon, clove and other spices, you can't go wrong when it comes to chai

  1. Candles- Although I purchased new candles, my favourite has to be the Leaves Bath and Body Works candle that I got last year and after only a couple weeks of uses, it has sadly left us way too soon

  2. Manicure- Got a black-ish manicure done which I absolutely love because I didn't want to commit to a strictly black polish but a nail colour that's almost an eggplant colour under the light. Oh and it's a nail bar!!!

  1. To dye my hair or to not dye my hair?- I went in to the hair salon attempting to dye my mini fro a dark blue (navy blue almost) only to have the colour not catch to my hair...even after 3 vigourous tries my hair refused to turn blue. As upset as I was I took this as a sign from the universe...

  1. Butternut squash Soup- From thanksgiving until now I'm still making this soup and it's always a great appetizer!

  1. Getting Sick- There's nothing like feeling awful to later appreciate the feeling of health, energetic and not having a stuffed nose

  1. The changing colour of the leaves

  1. Swinging at the park

  2. Baking treats- Carrot cake was by far the best!

  3. Comfort foods- Blaming the weather for getting me on this stew and soup binge. Anything with black beans, chick peas, carrots, potatoes forever has the key to my heart...well for now

  1. Burnt pancakes and coffee in bed

  1. Laptop holder- I got this laptop holder for my laptop but it's mostly used for holding pancakes tbh

  2. Taking baths and bringing back Self-Care Sundays

  1. Lush haul- Lush was all out of the famous sparkly pumpkin so I opted out for this bubble bar and picked up the Cup O' Coffee scrub which leaves my face super soft and smelling a coffee, need I say more?

  1. Letting go of self-destructive behaviours

  2. My faux suede chelsea fall boots

  1. A little impromptu fall photoshoot shot by the bestie

  1. Thrift shopping and finding the prettiest beret that I can't seem to take off

  1. Thanksgiving dinner and the celebration of life and love

  2. Red wine

  1. Furniture shopping- We had one of those random sunny days this month so Ma and me decided to go window shopping for furniture (just for the fun of it)

  1. Favourite turtle neck- Behold my new turtle neck above all my other turtle necks

  2. Pumpkin loaves- I said in my fall bucketlist that I was going to make pumpkin loaves from scratch but someone I always find myself at Starbucks

  3. The reputation album

  1. Listening and recording a podcast inspired video- This whole month I've just been catching up to Kalyn podcast, which is literally like the only podcasts I listen to

  2. Driving around town at this time of the year

  1. These new sunglasses

  1. Re-reading Milk and Honey by rupi kaur

  1. Attending a career fair

  2. Planning for this month

  3. Running and meditating outdoors

  1. Going to a fall wedding

  2. Rewatching Friends and crying about how Supernatural is no longer on Netflix

  3. Switching from dark chocolate to chocolate almonds

  4. Taking a little get away and becoming comfortable with change

  1. Fruit tea

  1. Celebrating one year of being vegetarian!!!

  2. New favourite quote: "There are mountains up ahead of you, but there is bold and radiant light too; guiding you through the wild of things that make no sense to you. a much needed reminder in the depths of it all: though you are small, you are still seen here, and by grace these mountains will be moved.”- Morgan Harper Nichols

  3. Being in touch with what I'm writing and how I approach writing on this blog

  4. Decluttering not only my room but the entire house

  1. Putting feelings to pen to paper

  1. Salt lamps

  1. My mini black Kate spade bag that fits everything I need

  2. The Bath and Body Work Energy line- which is infused with orange and ginger essential oil, need I say more?

  3. Cats- I don't know why but I've been really contemplating getting a cat but this little guy will have to do for now

  1. Planning trips in my head and daydreaming about things not yet seen...

  1. Avocado toasts- on the days I don't want oatmeal

  1. The farm life

Finally coming around to finishing Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. Doing yet another 31 day yoga challenge and really working on my handstand

Even though I didn't do everything I promised myself in my fall bucket list, I still have a whole other month coming up to do everything fall until Christmas trees need to be up and everything creepy, tucked away. So apple picking is going to have to hold out a little bit longer and football games need to stop being cancelled and well concerts, I'm just waiting for the perfect one to come along. There's a lot of lessons, quotes, music and unexpected turns of events that have also made this month pretty decent. I guess I'm letting go of the idea of a perfect month or life but accepting the yin and yang that make up life as it is. No pressures, no regrets, no clinging on to unrealistic ideas but letting everything just flow effortlessly. Just like this beautiful season, I guess I'm learning to be ever changing; I'm learning to grow, to bloom, to fall apart and doing it all over again with grace.

An apple cider toast to everything that is to come,


"The leaves are not afraid of being bold

Showing colours they held back all year

Her leaves are bold and unapologetic

Her redness is not dependent on anyone else's choice of colour

She's not afraid of being loud or different

She's not afraid of crinkling

and she's definitely unafraid of falling" -B