Thank you Summer, thank you

(Before we go any further, may I suggest scrolling to the bottom of this page where you'll find my summer playlist to enjoy as you read)

Happy end of summer everyone!!! I am very aware that this is an odd thing to wish someone, but with school right around the corner I think it’s about time we ease into the unsettling. If anything, the realization that summer is ending is a time to carpe freakin diem and check a few things off our bucket list before moving on to our back to school list. It’s also the bittersweet time to thank Summer. I learned that gratitude towards things is as important as gratitude towards people. Exhibit a: thanking your legs for killing a workout only encourages your legs to keep doing what they’re doing or out-do themselves, why? because your their biggest cheerleader. Just like when you do something for someone and you are welcomed with thanks and appreciation, that compels you to continue doing that action to access that recognition (selfish but true). We yearn for that warm feeling knowing we did something decent for someone else and that we are needed. Same things go for thanking legs, creativity, tea, your job, your favourite sweater, forgiveness and summer. In this post we are going to have a heart to heart with Summer. Maybe you're thankful for the season itself or a the little things it brought your way but before you start listing in your head, get out your journal or a sheet of paper then start appreciating. No regrets and nothing negative but just the good stuff…

The following list is a couple things I'm tremendously grateful for this Summer...


  1. Almond milk iced coffees with caramel drizzle

  1. Being able to experience summer in good health

  2. Having all the time in the world to myself

  3. Recovering from a brutal semester

  4. Making a summer playlist

  5. Making a summer vision board

  6. Fresh fruits and trying new vegan foods

  7. Hitting the road for many many hours

  1. Being carefree and going with the flow

  2. The sunshine

  3. Hot sand and walking around barefoot literally everywhere

  4. Smoothies: green smoothies, mango smoothies, pinkish purplish smoothies, literally all smoothies

  1. Never having to check the time

  2. Eating out on patios

  3. All the new music that came out this summer

  1. Getting some creative projects started

  2. Lots and lots of Netflix

  3. Discovering my love for long walks and sunsets

  1. Pinterest for keeping me company

  2. An amazing 21st birthday!

  3. Falling into a deep deep rabbit hole that is Emma Chamberlain youtube videos

  4. A magical wedding season

  5. No longer completing hating the idea of biking

  6. Unapologetically sitting on the counter eating grilled cheese on rye at 2am

  7. Seeing the cutest llamas, ostriches, goats and peacocks at Miranda’s Farm

  1. A vacation for the soul (took a little daycation in the middle of nowhere)

  1. Braiding ankle bracelets like the good old camp days

  1. Veggie burgers and wine

  1. Taking the yoga mat outdoors

  2. Eating breakfast for dinner (avocado toast and matcha ftw)

  3. The colour yellow for some reason

  4. Eating what I grew out back

  1. Going to the park (it's more satisfying and nostalgic than one would think)

  1. For my new lavender baby and the realization that I can’t raise an orchid to save my life #rip

  2. Discovering my weird thing for rocks


Now that we got our appreciation out of the way, I hope you all feel good and light inside. Personally, making a list of the bright side really keeps me in perspective and away from complaining, comparing and regretting. Find the little stuff that make your summer worthwhile even if it feels microscopic.

About a month ago I made a post concerning gifts that many people really seemed to like, so I thought I would do another as we are returning back to business. The post was about giving ourselves gifts that make us feel over-the-moon kind of happy. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive at all, but anything that is meaningful to you and makes you feel calm, cool and collected for this new season.

  1. Go to the peach festival

  1. Have a movie night (that includes but is not limited to Eat Pray Love, Mamma Mia, Lala Land, Coco)

  2. Paint my nails yellow

  3. Take a bath

  4. Make a list of what I’m excited for this term

  5. Make a list of things I enjoyed in the summer (check)

  6. Hangout with people I might not see during in the year (old friends, little cousins etc.)

  1. Take photos to look back to

  1. Plan next summer activities/trips and start the countdown

  2. Sign up for a workout class or an intramural team on campus

  3. Meditate about the change of seasons (embracing change gracefully and being present for it)

  4. Get a new look (I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a trim and a new pair of sunglasses)

  5. Eat outdoors on a patio or have a picnic on the grass

  6. Order something new for yourself

  7. Go thrift shopping for comfy sweaters

  8. Deal with what needs to be done

  9. Go through your photos and memories from the beginning of summer up until now

  10. Declutter your space and do laundry

  11. Get excited about back to school shopping, the fall season and a fresh start

  12. Forgive yourself and others for anything that might of happened this summer or last term

  1. Go to the beach one last time

  1. Bake a rainbow cake, Eat a rainbow cake

  2. Stay out really really late

  3. Make a playlist to pay tribute to this summer

  4. Take a long drive and listen to your new playlist

  5. Leave room for a couple veggie dogs, always

  1. Pin inspiring photos related to your goals (If you’re too cool for Pinterest then cut out pictures and make a mini vision board, and if you think that’s a complete waste of time, then I suggest making a list on your phone of what you want to see, taste and experience this time around)

  2. Make a list of things you need to get that are not necessarily school supplies but must haves (hand sanitizer, wireless headphones, Ibuprofen & mini lotions that smell like fall, spice and everything nice)

  3. Get a new pair of comfy slip-ons

  4. Try pilates (Not entirely sure what pilates consistent of, but can’t oppose switching up my workout)

  5. Light sparklers for the sake of it

  6. Start waking up a little earlier

  7. Be okay with the idea of change (meditate for 20 mins, journal, talk it out)

  8. Go dancing or have a private dance party (or if singing is more your style, go out for some karaoke or have a private sing along party, your pick)

  9. Do something gutsy, whatever that means to you...

Summer was good to you. Even if you worked the entire time or your distant relatives over-stayed their welcome, Summer was always on your side. The feelings of relaxation, freedom and "anything can happen" were the wind beneath your wings. And just because it's over doesn't make it okay to start complaining about the things you didn't get to do and the plans that didn't go your way. Don't be bitter towards Summer because it didn't work out nor should you desperately cling on to Summer when it's its time to be on it's merry way. We had a great time together. Maybe we wasted it, maybe we were on and off then back on again or maybe we fell madly in love with our Summer, but the truth of the matter is this. Summer is a season meaning it's a period of time that we have inevitably spent experiencing, learning, swimming, healing, laughing, eating (a lot), crying, loving or what have you; And as long as we have time we have room to reverse these things or keep it going! So don't you fret one little bit and don't let your summer heart wither away in the fall...

Kisses to my summer love, Summer