Summer Skincare Routine

Hello my radiant friends! As you are all aware, it's Summer! For some this might mean summer break or summer school, beach days, cottage days, road trips, staying out all day (or night), volunteering/working full time or just catching up on your favourite tv shows. Whatever you're doing with the majority of your day, there's a portion that is (hopefully being) spent in direct sunlight. Even though I'm more of a fall/winter gal over spring/summer (#sorrynotsorry), I have to admit there's something magical about absorbing sunshine. It's like charging up a superpower or maybe it's simply just a natural mood booster. I can talk about mood boosters another time but today I wanted to share my skincare routine on how I protect my skin from the beautiful yet brutal sun.

My summer skincare routine is very limited and I prefer to not touch my face after moisturizing it, so my skin care routine will be short and


Keeping it light

Like previously mentioned, I don't do much to my face besides moisturizing it. Some days or nights I skip the moisturizer all together depending on the heat which will cause my skin to get sweaty and/or oily. I only wear sunscreen if I know I'm going to be outside running errands or with my siblings for hours, just because I personally find sunscreen so heavy and clogging. Also, I suggest wearing a minimal amount of makeup in the summer or no makeup at all just to avoid a literal meltdown and to let your skin breathe. So I guess it's about following your intuition, besides only you know how your skin responds to the sun and skin products. Oh and never ever forget to keep that lip balm within arms reach at all times!

Hands off

I'm trying to stop touching my face and resting my face in my hands but it's a work in progress. All year I try not to pick, scratch and rub my face, but I have to try extra extra hard when it comes to the madness of summer activities (and avoiding the urge to viciously scratch mosquito bites).

Staying hydrated

On hot days it's only natural that we reach for anything to quench our thirst. Occasionally decide to opt out for warm water instead of fizzy drinks or alcohol. If you don't like plain water add a lemon, lime, grapefruit or whatever citrus fruit you have on hand. I personally don't reach for bottled water or sparkling flavoured water but however you drink water, just drink it. This summer, I aimed to drink 3L of water a day and to accomplish this it really helps to have a fun water bottle and take it with you literally everywhere (even around the house).

Eating your hydration

Snacking on fruits all day is kinda of my thing. I usually reach for apples, oranges, peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, mangos and love to top foods off with tomatoes. I love love love starting off my mornings with a piece of fruit and green tea or a giant smoothie.

Let's keep the circulation going

It really helps to keep your blood pumping by moving your body in any way you can. This will improve blood flow and essentially the circulation in your body and face that gives you a glow you can feel. Don't let you body or face grow sluggish by lounging around and frowning, but choose to smile and drop into a pilates class or a boxing class (or whatever floats your boat). Keep all of you moving and fully engaged in all your summer endeavours. Also, steaming my face or taking a sauna sess after working out are activities that I can truly feel improve my skin as I partake in them. They help open up your pores and rid your body of toxins which is always super neat. If it's not possible to participate in the activities mentioned above, try casually holding your face over boiling water as you make dinner or taking a semi-hot shower.

Keeping it natural

It's extremely important that the products I put on my face are safe for my overall health (after all, it all ends up in your circulatory system). I don't use a cleanser at all at the moment (shocker I know) because of the toxic ingredients in my last one and haven't replaced it with a non-toxic brand, yet my skin has never been better. Face masks and toners are usually carefully picked out at Lush Cosmetics (not all of their products are natural, make sure to read the ingredients) or are concoction of ingredients in my kitchen (lemon juice, avocados, honey, brown sugar; always come in handy as exfoliators and face masks but we'll talk about that in a later post). Also, deodorant isn't a daily must (#sorrynotsorry) especially if I'm spending the day at a desk in an air conditioned room, I just rather let my skin breathe (again this goes back to being intuitive and listening to your body and knowing what it needs or doesn't need and when).

Last but not least, saving the razor for special occasions. I know it's summer and our razors have probably been hibernating all winter waiting for this moment, but even in the summer I am lenient when it comes to removing body hair. Even with the priciest razors, I find that my skin is super dry after shaving and I rather save the razor for when I find an occasion worth taking my legs through agony. Finally, I avoid bug spray at all costs. There's nothing natural or safe about using bug repellants so I don't risk it. I don't usually stay out late enough to be attacked by a swarms of mosquitos but if I were to, I'm pretty sure there's a ton of recipes to make natural bug repellants using essential oils and such. Besides, mosquito bites are a sign that you truly lived this summer, so cherish it (but don't scratch it).


It's important that you enjoy yourself to obtain clear and happy skin. Odd but true. When you're stressed or worried, those close to you will not miss the opportunity to tell you how awful you look, why? because it shows on your skin. The eye bags, dryness, puffiness, redness or the humungous vein you get across your forehead when overwhelmed, can only stay hidden for so long until you have to deal with the root problem. Covering up with sunglasses, makeup, treatments, or (my personal favourite) baseball caps, instead of dealing with the problem head-on is only a temporary solution. Our bodies are smart and these symptoms that show up on our skin reflect a deeper issue that can be due to our environment, diet, lifestyle, stressors etc. So take these symptoms as hints to what you can do differently. Maybe you need more water, sleep, relaxation or a little more sunbathing over the back to back episodes, veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, alcohol and late nights (that I'm incredibly guilty of at the moment). But whatever it is, meditate on what your body, specifically your skin, needs from you and provide accordingly.

As someone who literally eats, reads, works and workouts outside, I try to take my own advice to avoid getting dry, dehydrated or sunburnt skin. Again, it's honestly about listening to your own body and knowing exactly what your skin needs to be as radiant outside as you are inside!

Happy sunbathing!


My body is radiating with health and gratitude

I make time to take care of my skin/body

I am able to listen to my body

I respect my body's boundaries and needs

I honour my body through self-care and discipline

I appreciate the sun

I appreciate this summer break

My body is a temple (deserving of natural and healthy products and produce)

Like my skin absorbs the sun, I absorb everything positive and nourishing around me