Let's talk about the "F" word

Now that I've got your attention, let's talk about fear people! During the planning process before publishing my blog, I had decided to start off with simple yet relatable topics in order to keep things light. I had planned to start with something incredibly basic like "50 facts about me" or "my pet peeves" just to get my toes wet in this very new world of blogging, but little did I know we we're going to be catapulted into the deep end. During all of last week since publishing my blog and right now as I type this week's post, I am still in shock that I'm actually doing this. This is both scary and exciting, but much more exciting then scary. And hey, I get if you don't think that this is super thrilling or scary at all. If communication is your strong suit than congrats! But for the rest of us who have struggled with putting our honest thoughts out there, we are taking monstrous steps. Before launching this blog, fear unexpectedly creeped its way back in. This didn't happen all at once, but only when I would receive an interesting topic idea or when the due date I set for myself became nearer and nearer. Thoughts about how no one would read this or if anyone read this page they would hate it or someone would find my recipes disgusting or someone would just taunt me about my grammar and a million other excuses (that don't qualify as legitimate reasons).

I knew I had a choice to make between something that I love and fear. Obviously I choose me, but I have learned (and continue to learn) to work along side my fears. Fear is the titanium wall between life and death, literally. Fear works to keeps us alive and out of harms way by preventing us from doing something dangerous, stupid and let's not fail to mention embarrassing. For example, fear is like the label at the bottom of your coffee cup that cautions you that the content is hot. Although you have been warned that you might burn your tongue off, you still proceed to sip your coffee seconds after the Barista slides your drink across the counter towards you. Why? Because we know that that holy cup of coffee is worth a burnt tongue (if not, then start getting coffee from a new café because life's too short to drink crappy coffee). Like I was saying, it's important to weigh your options: you (consisting of dreams, a future, goals, a ton of potential etc.) or fear (your brains initial response to any stimulus outside your comfort zone). This is essentially the choice we make when we chose fear and deny ourselves what we really want in this life. Take the time to listen to your fears. What is it about that goal, person or setting that makes you nervous? What's something you've always wanted to do or say that's both scary and exciting (but more exciting then scary)? Figure out your limits and find ways to cross them. I know I know, this is easier said then done, but I personally find that it helps to count backwards from 3 and just do it. Just jump, just say "hi", just ask for a raise, just apply already, whatever it is just do it. Fear is as real as day and night, and it's not going to magically leave our bodies somehow. We need it to survive but we definitely don't need it when it comes to living our fullest most abundant life.

Fear keeps us around what's familiar and comfortable but unfortunately keeps us stuck. This might be fine if you aim to be the same person you were last year and the year before that, but for the rest of us who thrive to be ever changing, choose you. I urge you to avoid making choices based on passed experiences or what other people think is best for you. Make brave choices by you for you. Aim to make brave choices that make your stomach turn a little and your hands clammy (or however you get when you're nervous). The point is, I hope you build the strength to listen to your fears and go forward guns blazing regardless of the consequences of your decisions. From confronting people or making major life decisions or clicking "Publish" (in my case), I hope you always chose you over fear.

Happy Monday xo