11 benefits meditation taught me

Hello and happy Family Day! Today's blog post is a follow up post to "11 lessons yoga taught me" that I wrote back in November. I have been practicing meditation almost as long as I've been practicing yoga (so about 3 years now). I have used apps like Headspace and Calm and attended a group meditation class on campus. I have researched the scientific and spiritual benefits of meditation and continue to be fascinated by the power of being still. The timing of this post might seem odd to talk about taking more time out while all we seem to do is chill but this is different, let me tell you about it...

  1. You can hear yourself think. It's not always pretty and sometimes you're really mean and agitated but you are now aware of it. It's empowering to discover another layer to yourself.

  2. You are really aware of your body and every little part and the ability it holds. It's almost impossible to walk away from the mat and not feel super grateful for your toes, breath, eyelashes, arteries and cells.

  3. I have the power to do better at anytime I decide so. I can take a deep breath and think through what I'm about to say or do. Meditation works as a buffer between what I want to do (ego/lower self) and the best outcome for all (highest self speaking through me).

  4. Our brains need some love and TLC! Wow you don't realize how much your brain needs a break till you give it one, trust me.

  5. You are more understanding of others. When I sit down and listen to all the chatter going on in my brain I become aware of the complexity of other people. Everyone feels anxious, overwhelmed, confused, stressed and now that I've seen how I process these emotions, I can make room for other people's (the loving kindness meditation really helps with this).

  6. You come back to yourself. Every morning and every night I get to gather my thoughts, emotions, regrets, embarrassment and come back to my core truths. I get to sit down and make peace with what it's like to be alive today.

  7. I am focused like it's nobody's business. Taking time to take a breather even for 2 minutes before an interview, exam, poetry reading, phone call etc. allows me to be zero in on what I'm about to do and not the doubt or insecurity creeping in. I amplify what is important to me.

  8. Food tastes better and colours seem brighter. No detail goes unnoticed when you train your mind to focus on gratitude and the present moment.

  9. Meditation is also my therapist. I often ask a question before I meditate and always leave with an answer. I am able to name the emotion, question it and then sit with it without judging it or myself. There is a lot of healing that goes on without talking but by simply listening.

  10. Develop a better relationship with pain. I always make time to meditate on my period and it helps me zoom out from what I am feeling and see this reoccurring pain from a different perspective. Sometimes I see it as togetherness and it's a reminder that I'm not alone and other times I see it as gratitude that I have everything I need to have a healthy period.

  11. Helps rearrange your priorities. You are aware of the things that make you light up and the things that don't. Any thing, conversation or person that isn't necessary or enlightening slowly but surely fades away. You constantly look for opportunities to align with Love.

I hope you set aside even 10 minutes to sit down with your eyes opened or closed and take in what's going on inside and around you. I hope you take time to feel the sun on your face, the breath in your chest, your thoughts racing back and forth all interrupting each other, your toes slowly going numb and that you are brave and willing enough to be uncomfortable with yourself in order to know yourself more.

To spending our time meaningfully,

good luck with your mind this week